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This document failed because it gave all the power to the state governments and led to the creation of the Constitution.
a) Declaration of independence
b) Articles of Confederation
c) Virginia declaration of rights
d) Charters of the Virginia company of London

Because the people rule in the United States government., what type of government do we have?
a) facist
b) communist
c) democracy
d) monarchy

What founding document stated the grievances against the King of Great Britain, affirmed unalienable rights, and stated the colonies' independence from Great Britain
a) Articles of Confederation
b) Constitution
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Virginia Statute for religious freedom

The constitution begins with the words we the people. What fundamental principle is this setting up?
a) limited government
b) rule of law
c) consent of the governed
d) representative government

Florida has 27 members in the House of Representatives. When Obama won Florida in 2012, how many electoral votes did he get towards his goal of 270?
a) 27
b) 29
c) 31
d) 25

Mary is 19 years old and lives in Springfield, VA. She registered to vote 30 days before the presidential election and her division of motor vehicles. When she went to vote in Richmond, VA, she was not allowed to vote? Why?
a) she registered to close to the election
b) she was not old enough
c) you can't register at the division of motor vehicles
d) she tried to vote outside of her precint

Why have people been trying to put limits on the amount of money that people, PACs, and Interest groups can donate to campaigns?
a) To make sure everyone has a fair chance to run for office
b) Because rich people currently have a huge advantage in campaigns
c) Because individuals, PACs, and Interest groups have a large affect on politics
d) all of the above

Jordan saw a poster that said President Carter was the worst president of all time. This poster is displaying someones -
a) fact
b) opinion
c) identity
d) sources

Why does mass media play a large role in political campaigns?
a) mass media reaches a small group of people
b) mass media reaches a large group of people
c) mass media is all strictly fact
d) mass media won't play their commercials

The National Guard was called in to put down violent riots in Los Angeles. What goal of the preamble was this trying to uphold?
a) provide for the common defense
b) form a more perfect union
c) ensure domestic tranquility
d) establish justice

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