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The Democrats and Republicans disagree on issues like foreign policy, education, healthcare, and the environment. Where can you find these differences of opinion between the parties?
a) political center
b) political majority
c) political platform
d) political spectrum

The Green Party is a third party that promotes environmental issues even though they rarely win elections. What job of third parties are they completing?
a) monitor party in office
b) introduce ideas for a specific issues
c) evaluate campaign materials
d) revolve around a political personality

After the primary elections, the Republicans chose Mitt Romney to represent them as their candidate in the 2012 election. What function of political parties were they completing?
a) monitor the party in office
b) campaign and vote for their candidates
c) recruit and nominate candidates
d) educate people about the issues

The Republicans make sure that Barack Obama does not do anything unconstitutional or illegal. What function of political parties are they completing?
a) recruit and nominate candidates
b) educate people about the issues
c) campaign and vote for candidates
d) monitor the party in office

Mike drives the speed limit to work and stops completely at stop signs and red lights. What personal trait is Mike displaying?
a) honesty
b) respect for the law
c) patriotism
d) self-reliant

What amendment says that all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and the state where they reside?
a) 1st
b) 5th
c) 10th
d) 14th

John is upset that the government is raising taxes. He decides to go to and creates a complaint that other citizens can electronically sign. What first amendment freedom is John using?
a) petition
b) assembly
c) speech
d) religion

Barack Obama holds the elective office. People participated in his campaign and voted for him. These are all examples of -
a) responsibilities
b) duties
c) services
d) choices

Mr. Dachille missed two weeks of class because he had to serve on a jury during a criminal court case. Mr. Dachille was fulfilling a -
a) responsibility
b) service
c) duty
d) choice

Amy went to a protest, with 200 other people, in front of the white house to try to get the government to end the war in Iraq. What first amendment freedom was she using?
a) religion
b) assembly
c) press
d) petition

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