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Your mom will be sad
a) if you forget her birthday.
b) if you find a good job.
c) if you buy a beautiful house.
d) if you give me a hug.

If I have time today,
a) I won't go to school.
b) I won't eat vegetables.
c) I will visit you.
d) I will die.

The police officer will arrest you
a) if you send me flowers.
b) if you steal this cellphone.
c) if you write a love song.
d) if you sell your book.

You will smell terrible
a) if you do exercise.
b) if you don't take a shower today.
c) if you buy lunch at school.
d) if you call the police.

My mom won't give me permission to go to the party
a) if I don't finish my homework.
b) if I am happy.
c) if I clean my room.
d) if I read the Bible.

She will cry
a) if she cooks lunch.
b) if she watches the comedy show.
c) if she loses her dog.
d) if she doesn't clean the room.

We will cancel the baseball game
a) if you come to school.
b) if it rains today.
c) if you break the window.
d) if you sell your call.

My friends will go on vacations
a) if they don't have problems in school.
b) if it rains in the morning
c) if I play video games.
d) if they see the doctor.

If you don't eat breakfast,
a) you will die.
b) you will win the game.
c) you will study for the exam.
d) you will be hungry soon.

If I have problems with the new software,
a) I will take vitamins.
b) I will call the computer programmer.
c) I will drive my car.
d) I will steal a computer.

If we find a cheap car for sale,
a) we will take a bus.
b) we will see you on Friday
c) we will buy it immediately.
d) we will go to the movies.

They will buy the new iphone
a) if they have money.
b) if they are on vacation.
c) if they write the report.
d) if the secretary makes coffee.

She will go with you
a) if you study hard.
b) if you invite her.
c) if you like to chat.
d) if you have facebook.

If he doesn´t take his medicine,
a) he will be happy.
b) he will work a lot.
c) he will die.
d) he will swim in the pool.

if you finish this activity soon,
a) you will swim in the canal.
b) you will have time to check your facebook.
c) you will be rich.
d) you won't have more time to sleep in class.

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