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Which shows the correct order of Earth's layers, beginning from the inside?
a) Mantle, Inner Core, Outer Core, Crust
b) Core, Crust, Mantle, Ocean
c) Mantle, Inner Core, Crust, Outer Core
d) Inner Core, Outer Core, Mantle, Crust

Where would you most likely find a volcano?
a) On a divergent or convergent boundary
b) On a transform boundary
c) In the middle of a continental plate
d) Volcanoes occur anywhere, no way to predict them

What kind of boundary has one plate being subducted under another?
a) Divergent
b) Convergent
c) Transform
d) Covalent

Which type of boundary has two plates moving away from each other, creating a rift?
a) Divergent
b) Convergent
c) Transform
d) Subduction

Tectonic Plates are on which layer of the earth?
a) Inner Core
b) Lithosphere
c) Outer Core
d) Mantle

Name two plates that do not contain continents.
a) Pacific and North American
b) Pacific and Nazca
c) South American and Juan de Fuca
d) North American and African

What plate contains most of North America?
a) North American
b) Pacific
c) South American
d) Juan de Fuca

Which plate is associated with the ring of fire?
a) Juan de Fuca
b) Pacific Plate
c) African Plate
d) South American

What type of plate boundary are earthquakes most associated with?
a) Divergent
b) Transform
c) Convergent
d) Earthquakes are not associated with boundaries

What is the ring of fire?
a) An area of volcanoes around the Atlantic Ocean.
b) An area of volcanoes ringing the Arctic Circle.
c) An area of volcanoes near the Indian Ocean
d) An area of volcanoes ringing the Pacific Ocean

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