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Which of the following is NOT an example of climate?
a) The average temperature in Australia in December is in the high 70s.
b) If you travel to the Amazon between November and March expect to pack your rain gear.
c) Today is the perfect beach day. It is in the high 80s with a light breeze out of the SE and no rain.
d) It has never gone above 100 F in Alaska.

This climate has very dry and usually very hot during the summer.
a) Continental
b) Dry
c) Tropical
d) Mild

If I visit a continental climate during the winter, what should I pack?
a) Swimtrunk and Sunscreen
b) Rain jacket and boots
c) Heavy winter coats and mittens
d) Jeans and long sleeves

Florida is close to the equator so the suns rays are...
a) spread over a wide area causing mild weather.
b) spread over a narrow area causing causing warmer weather..
c) spread over a narrow area causing mild weather.
d) spread over a wide area causing causing warmer weather..

Which of the following factors do NOT influence climate
a) Distance from the equator
b) Greenhouse gases
c) Altitude
d) Ocean currents

When traveling to a ____ climate make sure to pack your winter gear no matter what season?
a) Tropical
b) Mountain
c) Polar
d) Mild

In Mountain climates altitude is very important. As the altitude increased, what will happen to the temperature?
a) Increase
b) Get hotter
c) Get colder
d) Stay the same.

Living in Flroida, we experience which type of climate is Florida?
a) Continental
b) Mild
c) Tropical
d) Dry

Climate is NOT...
a) Average temperature of a place
b) The sun is usually shining in Arizona.
c) It is currently snowing in New York.
d) Typical amount of humidity during the summer.

Which location will have the coolest climate?
a) Location A: Altitude is 50,000 feet
b) Location B: Altitude is 5,000 feet
c) Location C: Altitude is 500 feet
d) Location D: Altitude is 5 feet.

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