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How much water does your body need daliy?
a) 8 Liters
b) 6 Liters
c) 4 Liters
d) As much as you feel you need

How do you find whats in your computer?
a) Opening the computer
b) Run dxdiag
c) Find properties
d) Shut it down

If you were on a car going 20 mph north and you fired a canon going 20 mph south what would happen?
a) The canon wouldn't work
b) The ball would stop in the air and fall to the ground.
c) Canons don't go 20 mph
d) It would break the canon

A heathy boy would...
a) Play outside
b) Eat junk food
c) Text to much
d) Do nothing

Is god real?
a) No
b) Yes
c) This is dump
d) Maybe

Does light have mass?
a) Lots
b) No
c) It could
d) Yes, its very (light)

What are we made of?
a) Cells
b) Blood
c) Stuff
d) Skin

5 + 5
a) =10
b) =25
c) =1
d) =0

Why is glass see threw?
a) Because
b) Sand
c) Its electrons are to spread apart for light to land on it.
d) Fire

Is pie good?
a) No
b) Yes
c) Whos eating it
d) What is it filled with

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