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Nose, Lungs and the Diaphragm, are all organs that perform certain functions in which Human Body System?
a) Skeletal
b) Digestive
c) Circulatory
d) Respiratory

Like materials needed for survival being transported inside of plants, the same thing happens in humans in which body system?
a) Circulatory System
b) Digestive System
c) Excretory System
d) Respiratory System

The up and down movements of your arm are coordinated by the-
a) Circulatory System
b) Nervous System
c) Excretory System
d) Reproductive System

Large (box A) is broken down into a smaller (box B), which answer indicates what A and B could represent?
a) Starch to amino acids
b) Starch to protein
c) Protein to simple sugar
d) Carbohydrate to sugars

Because chewing begins the breakdown of food before it is swallowed, digestion starts in the mouth and throat. Which of the following systems aids most in the early stage of digestion?
a) Immune System
b) Excretory System
c) Muscular System
d) Respiratory System

What is one example of an energy change that occurs in your body?
a) Radiant energy to thermal energy
b) Chemical energy to radiant energy
c) Thermal energy to chemical energy
d) Chemical energy to thermal energy.

Which statement best describes the importance of sexual reproduction?
a) Sexual reproduction produces offspring that are indentical
b) Sexual reproduction produces variation among offspring.
c) Sexual reproduction occurs between individuals of the same species
d) Sexual reproduction provides for the regeneration of body parts in some species.

All of the following are functions of the integumentary system except-
a) acts as a barrier against injury and infection
b) allows for the exchange of carbon dioxide and oxygen with the cells
c) helps remove waste from the body
d) protects against ultraviolet radiation from the sun

All of the following statements are true about the endocrine system except
a) Hormones are released into the blood stremam by endocrine organs.
b) Homeostasis is a major function of the endocrine system.
c) They endocrine system in responsible for the onset of puberty.
d) The endocrine system and the nervous system act together to regulate the body.

Which type of digestion occurs in the mouth when an individual chews a piece of bread?
a) physical digestion, only
b) chemical digestion, only
c) both physical and chemical digestion
d) neither physical or chemical digestion

The kidneys remove dissolved waste from your body, making them part of which system?
a) Endocrine system
b) Excretory system
c) Skeletal system
d) Nervous system

Which best describes the function of the respiratory system?
a) exchanging gases with the environment
b) protecting the body from infection
c) absorbing nutrients from food
d) responding to stimuli in the environment

All of the following are considered function of th the digestive system except-
a) mechanically mix and breakdown food
b) provide surface area for absorption of nutrients
c) eliminate undigested foods from the body
d) distribution of nutrients to cells of the body

As your CO2 levels in the blood increase the nervous system signals which two systems to respond?
a) digestive and immune
b) immune and respiratory
c) respiratory and circulatory
d) circulatory and endocrine

The body's first line of defense against disease is...
a) enzymes
b) blood
c) antibodies
d) skin

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