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AFTER a cold front comes, what is the weather expected to be like?
a) cold weather with clearing skies.
b) cold weather with cloud skies.
c) freezing weather with snow.
d) freezing weather with clear skies.

AFTER a warm front comes, how would you plan to dress?
a) Pajamas- Thunderstorms will keep you inside. Bust out the movies!
b) sweatshirt and a jacket- Grab a hot chocolate. It's gonna be a cold one.
c) jeans with an umbrella- It's gonna be a wet day!
d) T'shirt and shorts- It's a beach day!

What weather is expected DURING a warm front?
a) warming weather with little to no rain.
b) cooling weather with little to no rain.
c) warming weather with intense rain.
d) cooling weather with intense rain.

BEFORE a warm front comes, what weather is expected?
a) HOT weather with light winds.
b) Warm weather with heavy rains.
c) cool weather with light rains.
d) COLD weather with severe thunderstorms.

What is the weather like DURING a cold front?
a) warming weather with heavy rains
b) warming weather with light rains
c) cooling weather with heavy rains.
d) cooling weather with light rains.

Before a cold front comes, what will the weather be?
a) cold with short rains
b) hot with heavy rains
c) warm with short rains.
d) cold with heavy rains.

If a cold front is coming, what is happening?
a) The cold front pushes the warm air away.
b) The cold front puches the cold air away.
c) The cold front pushes the rain clouds away.
d) The cold front brings extreme weather.

What is a occluded front?
a) A stationary front with severe weather.
b) When a cold front meets another cold front creating bitter cold weather.
c) When a cold front and a warm front meet.
d) When a warm front meets with another warm front causing extreme heat.

Stationary fronts are similar to what type of front?
a) cold
b) warm
c) occluded
d) Static

Warm fronts...
a) cause the cold air to rise.
b) pull the cold air inland.
c) pushes the cold air away bringing warm weather.
d) pushes the warm air away bringing cooler weather.

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