Period Of Turmoil And Change Unit Test Question Preview (ID: 1950)

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What is counterculture?
a) Group of young Americans in the 1950s who rejected conventional customs and mainstream culture
b) Group of young Americans in the 1960s who rejected conventional customs and mainstream culture.
c) Group of older Amerincs in the 1960s who wore flannel suits and kept their hair short.
d) Group of Americans who were against the Vietnam War.

A Latino is
a) A person who speaks Latin
b) A person who attended Woodstock
c) French-speaking person from Latin Europe.
d) Spanish-speaking person from Latin America

The televised coverage of the brutal tactics used by police had what effect?
a) People were supportive of the police
b) people became very angry at the protesters
c) People became very angry at the police
d) People didn't care

What did John F. Kennedy promise do while he was campaigning for president in 1960?
a) Get the economy moving
b) End WWII
c) Cut back on military spending
d) End the US policy of containment

What was a major theme in the book Silent Spring?
a) Humans are not part of nature although they interatct with nature
b) Humans and nature are separate but equal
c) Humans are not part of nature and do not interact with nature
d) Humans are part of nature, and all parts of nature interact

National Organization for Women (NOW) was an organization that
a) Promoted full participation of women in American society
b) Fought for the right for women to vote
c) Felt women should work at home
d) Focused on equality for minority women

An Advantage that North Vietnam had was
a) Better weapons
b) More soldiers
c) Home-field advantage
d) Democratic government

A group that worked for compensation for Japanese Americans interned during WWII
a) Japanese American Association
b) Japanese American Citizens League
c) Equality for Japanese American Association
d) Equal Rights Amendment

Woodstock is
a) a music festival
b) a group of people from the 1960s who lived together
c) A stockpile of wood
d) Secret nuclear weapon

Which of the following is an example of a peaceful protest
a) Boycott
b) Sit in
c) March
d) All of the above

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