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Which simple machine increases the distance over which a load travels in order to reduce the needed force?
a) wheel and axle
b) wedge
c) pulley
d) inclined plane

How can simple machines makes work easier?
a) by decreasing the force needed to complete the task
b) by increasing the friction between the machines and the object
c) by adding more work on the object than originally applied
d) by removing the force of gravity on the object

Where does one look on a graph to find when an object has the greatest average speed
a) at the lowest point of the line on the graph
b) in the middle of the lines way up on the graph
c) at the highest point of the line on the graph
d) in the middle of the lines way down on the graph

When does an object that is thrown up in motion have the least kinetic energy?
a) when it is first thrown
b) at the midway point of its path up
c) when it changes direction
d) at the midway point of its fall

A student is organizing a room. She moves a box from the floor to a shelf. She wants to estimate the amount of potential energy the box has on the shelf. What information does she need?
a) the volume and mass of the box
b) the mass of the shelf and mass of the box
c) the mass of the box and height of the shelf
d) the volume of the box and height of the shelf

An airplane flies in a straight line between two cities that are separated by 840 kilometers. If it takes 4 hours for the airplane to take the trip, what is its average speed?
a) 84 km/h
b) 105 km/h
c) 180 km/h
d) 210 km/h

A boy is trying to walk his dog West. However, the dog resists the force applied by the boy and instead moves East. Which of the following best describes the forces in this situation?
a) the forces are balanced and the net force is zero
b) the forces are unbalanced and the boy's force is greater
c) the forces are unbalanced and the dog's force is greater
d) the forces are balanced and the dog is stronger than the boy

Describe the energy transformation that occurs as a force acts on a mass at point A and causes it move to point B.
a) Kinetic energy is converted to potential energy
b) potential energy is converted into kinetic energy
c) Chemical energy is converted to electromagnetic energy
d) Gravitational Energy is converted to chemical energy

Which simple machines are used to form a wheelbarrow?
a) lever, pulley
b) lever, wheel and axle
c) inclined plane, wedge
d) wedge, wheel and axle

Which simple machine would be the most efficient for lifting an object 30 m off the ground?
a) pulley
b) screw
c) wedge
d) lever

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