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Whose point of view supports that Reconstruction in the South should not be cruel and harsh?
a) Andrew Johnson
b) Mr. Rangel
c) El Chavo del Ocho
d) Thaddeus Stevens

What was the 15th Amendment?
a) prohibition
b) voting rights
c) citizenship
d) paying income taxes

Secret Society of former Confederate soldiers that used terrorism against African Americans
a) Al Qaida
b) Illuminati
c) US Air Force
d) Ku Klux Klan

Which event occured first?
a) passage of 13th Amendment
b) Andrew Johnson became president
c) establishment of the Freedmen's Bureau

Who wrote Leaves of Grass and is known as the Father of American Free Verse
a) Walt Whitman
b) Walt Disney
c) Edgar Allan Poe
d) Arctic Monkeys

All of the following opposed slavery except?
a) Uncle Tom's Cabin
b) The Liberator
c) The North Star
d) House of Burgesses

Who was involved in the women's suffrage movement?
a) Clara Barton
b) Andrew Jackson
c) Susan B. Anthony
d) Pocahontas

Why is the Battle of Gettysburg considered the turning point of the Civil War?
a) First battle lasers were used
b) Turned back the Confederate invasion back of the North
c) First battle the Union was in charge of the Mississippi
d) First time all students wore a belt

Presidents of the USA and CSA?
a) Abraham Lincoln and William Sherman
b) Abraham Lincoln and George Washington
c) Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis
d) Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

Where was the FIRST battle of the Civil War fought?
a) Maria Taqueria's
b) Fort Jefferson
c) Appomattox Court House
d) Fort Sumter

California becomes free state / Strict fugitive slave law adopted / Slave trade, but not slavery, banned in D.C. Which Congressional action is being described?
a) Kansas-Nebraska Act
b) Craig
c) Compromise of 1850
d) Missouri Compromise

What years was the Civil War fought?
a) 1861-1865
b) 1860-1877
c) 1994-1998
d) 2000-2018

Adam Smith's economic policy was?
a) Make money
b) Wealth and Distribution
c) Laissez-faire
d) Don't be poor

Which of the following is the correct cause-effect relationship of the Industrial Era?
a) Growth of Cities led to large Farms
b) Inventions led to reform movements
c) Studying for a test leads to an F
d) Industrialism led to growth of cities

Which is NOT a characteristic of the Industrial Era?
a) Factory System
b) Reform Movement
c) Plantation Development
d) Inventions

When did the Reconstruction Era begin and end?
a) 1861-1865
b) 1861-1885
c) 1865-1877
d) 1993-2014

A result of the 14th Amendment is?
a) women could wear jeans
b) women gained the right to vote
c) immigration to the United States rapidly increased
d) newly-freed enslaved people gained citizenship

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