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The largest organ in the human body is the skin, which is also called the integumentary system. It has two functions, which are
a) waste removal and transportation of nutrients
b) protection and sensory awareness
c) movement and protection
d) waste removal and sensory awareness

The skeletal system and muscular system work together to do what job?
a) maintain posture
b) maintain temperature
c) enable you to move
d) protect vital organs

Which is the main job of the endocrine system?
a) help you grow
b) send messages to your body through hormones
c) keep your blood healthy
d) make you mature

Jontea has gone into cardiac arrest, meaning that her heart has stopped beating. Which best summarizes the effect this will have on her body’s cells?
a) her blood will stop circulating and her cells will not get needed oxygen
b) her blood would circulate only through pulmonary circulation
c) Her blood would circulate but only through the systemic circulation
d) Cardiac arrest has no effect at all on a person's cells

Which job of the skeletal system is most important to maintaining homeostasis?
a) shape
b) movement
c) protecting vital organs
d) posture

How does the nervous system help the human body maintain homeostasis?
a) Giving it the blood that it needs
b) regulating and controlling the rest of the human body
c) breathing in oxygen through the nose
d) providing nutrients to the rest of the body

If a tall plant (TT) is crossed with a short (tt) plant, all of the offspring will be:
a) Tall
b) short
c) medium
d) combination

In living things, traits are passed on from one generation to the next by the transfer of
a) blood
b) minerals
c) calories
d) DNA

How does mitosis compare to meiosis?
a) Mitosis produces two identical daughter cells, while meiosis produces sex cells with half the genetic information
b) Mitosis produces sex cells with half the genetic information, while meiosis produces two identical daughter cells
c) Mitosis only occurs in single-celled organisms, while meiosis only occurs in animals
d) Mitosis only occurs in animals, while meiosis only occurs in single-celled organisms

The offspring of a cat will usually look different, while the offspring of yeast will always look the same. Which best explains this?
a) Yeast produce offspring through asexual reproduction, while cats produce offspring through sexual reproduction
b) Yeast produce offspring through sexual reproduction, while cats produce offspring through asexual reproduction
c) Both yeast and cats produce offspring through asexual reproduction
d) Both yeast and cats produce offspring through sexual reproduction

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