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Which of the following is organized from simplest to most complex?
a) cells, organs, organ systems, tissues, the organism
b) cells, tissues, organs, organ systems, the organism
c) the organism, organ systems, organs, tissues, cells
d) tissues, cells, organs, organ systems, the organism

How do materials move in and out of plant cells and animal cells?
a) plant cells and animal cells have cilia
b) plant cells animal cells have a cell wall
c) plant cells and animal cells have a flagella
d) plant cells and animal cells have a cell membrane

Which characteristics do volvox and euglena share?
a) they both have eyespots
b) they both use flagella to move, and contain an eyespot and chloroplast
c) they both have eyespots and use flagella to move
d) they have neither eyespots nor use flagella to move

The cell membrane is unable to work properly. How could this affect plant and animal cells?
a) it could affect their ability to absorb sunlight
b) it could affect their ability to make proteins
c) it could affect their ability to store water
d) it could affect their ability to remove waste

Which organelle is found in both plant and animal cells and is used to transfer energy?
a) mitochondrion
b) vacuole
c) nucleus
d) chloroplast

How do euglena, paramecium, amoeba, and volvox compare?
a) they use different structures for movement
b) they use different structures to control cell activity
c) they all make their own food by photosynthesis
d) they all have eyespots to see sunlight

How do a paramecium and an amoeba obtain food to live?
a) A paramecium and an amoeba both use contractile vacuoles to capture food
b) A paramecium and an amoeba both make their own food through photosynthesis
c) A paramecium collects food into an oral groove while an amoeba uses psuedopods to surround food
d) it is very cold

Where are the strongest winds normally observed on a weather map?
a) at the center of high pressure
b) at the center of low pressure
c) near a large body of water
d) where the isobars or contour lines are close together

How are plant and animal cells similar?
a) they both have flagella
b) they both have a nucleus
c) they both have an eyespot
d) they both have chloroplasts

Information about the heredity of a cell is stored in which organelle?
a) flagellum
b) mitochondrion
c) nucleus
d) vacuole

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