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publishes the schedule a week in advance
a) agenda
b) gross
c) induce
d) blight

had never consulted the prophet before
a) debut
b) oracle
c) reimburse
d) vacate

offended by that flagrant insult
a) boisterous
b) conserve
c) gross
d) amiable

enlighten us with new passwords and commands
a) blight
b) befuddle
c) vagabond
d) agenda

a sedate group of bikers
a) conserve
b) limber
c) leeway
d) boisterous

socializing with our gruff neighbors
a) clarity
b) amiable
c) befuddle
d) gross

persuade them to speak softly
a) induce
b) clarity
c) partisan
d) oracle

directions written with precision
a) vagabond
b) clarity
c) gross
d) maze

for her coming-out party at the country club
a) gross
b) induce
c) compliant
d) debut

to squander our limited food supplies
a) boisterous
b) partisan
c) conserve
d) gross

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