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Where is the Laryngeal Pharynx?
a) Right upper lobe
b) Superior to the esophagus only
c) The most inferior portion of the anterior neck
d) The space between the vocal chords

What is part of the cerebral hemispheres?
a) Frontal
b) Temporal
c) Parietal
d) All of the above

What is a solution?
a) A mixture of material, one of which is usually a fluid.
b) A mixture of gases.
c) A Compound mixture.
d) A mixture of material, one of which is usually a gas.

Which of the following is responsible for contraction and movement?
a) Epidermal tissue.
b) Dermal tissue.
c) Subcutaneous tissue.
d) Muscle tissue.

Which cavity is the brain located?
a) Dorsal cavity.
b) Abdominal cavity.
c) Abdominopelvic cavity.
d) Spinal cavity.

The muscle on the upper arm that extends the lower arm.
a) Deltoid.
b) Ulnar.
c) Radial.
d) Triceps brachii.

STD with greenish-yellow discharge, burning, sore throat and swollen glands.
a) Yeast infection
b) HIV
c) Herpes
d) Gonorrhea

Secreting lubricant that allows organs to move without friction.
a) Serous membrane
b) Salivary amylase
c) Saliva
d) Submucosa

A serous membrane is?
a) Pleurae
b) Peritoneum
c) Serous pericardium
d) All the above

An actual photograph of the chromosomes using amniotic fluids is?
a) Amniocentesis
b) Genetic testing
c) Karotype analysis
d) Stem-cell research

What does salivary amylase do?
a) Begins the chemical breakdown of carbs
b) Chemical digestion of fats.
c) Breaks down carbohydrates into sugars.
d) Converts sugar to energy.

Pneumocystis jiroveci.
b) Atypical fungus
c) Viral infection
d) Protozoan infection

Divides the heart into 2 sections.
a) Ventricle
b) Atrium
c) Septum
d) Sputum

Collagen is?
a) Flexible white protein.
b) Fatty tissue.
c) Adispose tissue.
d) Sticky, wet protein.

a) Loss of speech.
b) Loss of sight.
c) Slow progressive hearing loss.
d) Loss of memory.

Responsible for passing waste products to the large intestine.
a) Small intestine.
b) Pancreas.
c) Gallbladder.
d) Esophagus.

Cavity that contains the bladder and reproductive organs is the?
a) Oral cavity.
b) Buccal cavity.
c) Abdominal cavity.
d) Pelvic cavity.

What is angina?
a) Inadequate blood pressure.
b) Inadequate blood flow to the heart.
c) SOB.
d) Dizziness.

Inner ear receptor that works while you are on a roller coaster.
a) Middle ear.
b) Myringotomy.
c) PE Tubes.
d) Dynamic equillibrium.

a) Freely movable joint.
b) Fluid build up in the joint.
c) Necrotic joint.
d) Broken bone.

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