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Inflammation of the lungs, which spaces are filled with fluid.
b) Pneumonia
c) Influenza
d) TB

Where two or more bones join together.
a) Sutures
b) Ligaments
c) Foramina
d) Joints

A birth defect of the mouth causes problems with speaking.
a) Myocarditid
b) Cleft palate
c) Pericarditis
d) Bursitis

Tissue that lines the intestinal and respiratory tract.
a) Epithelial tissue
b) Cardiac muscle
c) Adipose tissue
d) Muscle

The LAD supplies blood where?
a) Left atrium and ventricle
b) Right atrium and ventricle
c) Front of septum and front and bottom of left ventricle
d) Left and right atrium and ventricle

Coronary arteries are what?
a) Blood vessels that supply deoxygenated blood.
b) Blood vessels that supply oxygenated blood to the heart.
c) Venules.
d) Perkinje fibers

Pernicious anemia is?
a) Inability to digest fats.
b) Inability to digest milk.
c) Deficiency of Iron.
d) Deficiency of B-12.

Where is the biscupid valve located?
a) Between the left atrium and left ventricle.
b) Between the right atrium and right ventricle.
c) Between the left ventricle and right ventricle.
d) Between the left atrium and right atrium.

A pacemaker is used to restore what?
a) Natural rhythm of the heart.
b) Low blood pressure.
c) High blood pressure.
d) Asystole.

Blood vessels that contain valves are what?
a) Arteries
b) Veins
c) Capillaries
d) Cardiac muscle

Opacity of the lens.
a) What is glaucoma.
b) What is ptosis.
c) What is a cataract.
d) What is an ear infection.

Lesions that become filled with pus and bacteria are?
a) Chicken Pox
b) Measules
c) Mumps
d) Impetigo

Axons carry impulse?
a) Away from the cell body.
b) Toward the cell body.
c) Superior to the cell body.
d) Inferior to the cell body.

What must be present and in sequential order for an infection to occur?
a) Each link in the chain of infection.
b) Each parasite in the chain of infection.
c) Each fungi in the chain of infection.
d) Each animal in the chain of infection.

A greenstick fracture is commonly cause by?
a) Skin accident.
b) Skiing accident.
c) Fall.
d) MVA

What is a neoplasm?
a) Normal growth of the cells.
b) Abnormal growth of the cells.
c) Abnormal growth of the bones.
d) Normal growth of the bones.

The endosteum.
a) The membrane that lines the oral cavity.
b) The membrane that lines the digestive cavity.
c) The membrane that lines the medullary canal.
d) The membrane that lines the respiratory tract.

The gland that maintains your circadian rhythm.
a) Parathyroid
b) Pineal
c) Pituitary
d) Hypothyroid

Increase pressure of the aqueous humor.
a) Glaucoma
b) Cataract
c) Ptoisis
d) Freckle

What is bursitis?
a) Inflammation of the pericardium.
b) Inflammation of the eardrum.
c) Inflammation of the sacs surrounding the joints.
d) Inflammation of the bone.

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