7th Grade Social Studies Common Exam Review Question Preview (ID: 19483)

Part 7.[print questions]

Based on its Statutes in 1961, what impact would OPEC have on global trade?
a) it would control prices of oil throughout the world
b) it would limit the amount of oil to sent to Western countries
c) it would increase the amount of oil used by Middle Eastern countries
d) it would regulate the amount of oil sent to Europe

How did Spanish leaders in Latin America misuse the Encomienda System?
a) missionaries attempted to build Christian institutions for the natives
b) Natives were forced to pay leaders gold for protection
c) Land was taken from the inhabitants and the natives were enslaved
d) Natives were introduced to the practice of democracy

What was the result of imperialism in Africa?
a) foreigners helped the continent by finding its valuable minerals
b) foreigners took the citizens out of the country to work as slaves
c) foreigners used the most fertile land and took wealth out of the country
d) foreigners helped the continent by providing citizens with high-paying jobs

What was a common cause of the epidemic of the 1918 Spanish Influenza?
a) lack of a vaccine or cure
b) government policy of isolationism
c) decreasing trade with countries where the imbalances began
d) migration of peoples from the affected areas to different parts of the world

Which statement summarizes Montesquieu′s view of government?
a) Government should be ruled by a monarch
b) Government should not give too much liberty to its people
c) Government should be divided so that it remains fair to its citizens
d) Government should be controlled by one body of magistrates.

In 1916, Gandhi gave a speech about the way in which governments rule their people. What view did he express in his speech?
a) Violence is the best way for a government to rule its people.
b) Fair laws bring the decline of nations and their governments
c) Governments should have many arbitrary rules for their people.
d) Governments bring the decline of their nations by enforcing rules with violence.

How does the caste system affect the economy in parts of South Asia?
a) Religion determines where members of each caste may live
b) A division of labor determined by the caste system determines one’s type of job.
c) overpopulation prevents elderly caste members from being part of the workforce.
d) People are socially divided by the caste system based on the color or tone of their skin.

Which condition is a major obstacle to economic development in the Middle East and Northern Africa?
a) use of strip mining to obtain minerals
b) reliance on capitalist economic systems
c) lack of access on world markets
d) scarcity of water resources

Which statement best reflects the ideas of the Enlightenment?
a) Good government ensures that the interests of each individual are the same as those of the nation
b) The person of the king is sacred and to attack him is to attack religion itself
c) All human beings are born free and equal with a right to life and liberty
d) Our goal will be achieved only by ruling with an iron fist that sheds the blood of those who oppose us

In France , a person drinks coffee imported from Brazil, works at a computer made in Japan, and uses gasoline from Saudi Arabia in a German automobile. This situation is a perfect example of which term?
a) empathy
b) scarcity
c) interdependence
d) world citizenship

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