7th Grade Social Studies Common Exam Review Question Preview (ID: 19482)

Part 6.[print questions]

Which statement best summarize Thomas Jefferson's view of a republican government?
a) the power of the government rests with the body of its citizens
b) the power of the government rests with the leaders at the top
c) Republican governments have a monarch that leads the country
d) Republican governments have strict laws to rule its citizens

Spain's Imperial power was weak after Napolean invaded the country. There were divisions among social classes which led to a desire for independence among the colonized nations in Latin America. The result of these factors was:
a) anarchy
b) socialism
c) revolution
d) mutiny

Which factor influenced the settlement of coastal regions of West Africa during the Age of Exploration?
a) economic opportunity
b) European overpopulation
c) diplomatic relations
d) physical geography of the coast

What can be concluded about the impact of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) in Southern Africa as of 2006?
a) AIDS cases have had the same effect in southern African countries as in other countries
b) AIDS has had a limited social impact on people living in southern African countries
c) The number of deaths from AIDS has created many political crises and unresolved issues in southern African countries
d) The increasing number of AIDS cases in southern African countries has had huge negative, social, and economic consequences

In contrast to a democracy, what form of government uses the military to maintain power against the people’s consent?
a) monarchy
b) dictatorship
c) theocracy
d) oligarchy

How could the use of high-interest loans affect a person’s financial health?
a) High-interest loans can be difficult to pay back, which will make it harder to get future loans.
b) High-interest loans are reported to credit agencies and will hurt credit History
c) High-interest loans can be deducted from income tax, helping an individual save money.
d) High-interest loans typically have fewer fees and therefore less overall cost

Montesqieu believed that all citizens within a democracy had a responsibility
a) to lobby for new laws
b) to vote for their leaders
c) to respond to public opinion polls
d) to take part in election campaigns

How do governments influence art and literature in nondemocratic societies?
a) Governments allow freedom of expression and design for all creators of artistic expression.
b) Governments use artistic expression to attract foreign trade with nations interested in the culture.
c) Citizens are commonly exposed to government-sponsored art and literature in the form of propaganda.
d) people are divided into labor classes, thereby allowing only certain people to create art or write literature.

In 1911, Joseph Schumpter expressed his view that innovations are normally the creation of business people. With which economic system would Schumpter most likely have agreed?
a) traditionalism
b) socialism
c) capitalism
d) communism

The Sources of water pollution in Country X are as follows: 8% pesticides, 5% leaded gasoline, 50% domestic sewage, 25% erosion, 12% phosphates in detergents.what could Country X do to reduce water pollution by the greatest amount?
a) develop alternatives for killing insects
b) Increase importation of vehicles that use unleaded gasoline
c) Use alternative cleaning detergents that are not harmful to humans
d) Create a water-filtration system for sewage

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