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Reasons for migrations of people are described as push factors and pull factors. Which was a pull factor for many immigrants coming to the United States between 1780 and 1850?
a) job opportunities
b) political oppression
c) colonization
d) overpopulation

How has deforestation affected modern societies, especially in South America?
a) it has reduced mining jobs and jobs within industry
b) it has destroyed wildlife habitats in the region
c) it has caused a water shortage in many countries
d) it has increased available resources for industry

Which statement reflects Romesh Dutt's view of the impact of imperialism on India?
a) Imperialism helped the people of India improve their barter system.
b) Imperialism helped the people of India by advancing and modernizing their government institutions.
c) Imperialism harmed the people of India by replacing their traditional culture through modernization.
d) Imperialism harmed the people of India by weakening their administration

How did the Allies help Japan rebuild after World War II?
a) the Allies sent military forces to rebuild Japan’s government and economic structures.
b) The Allies sent military forces to take control of Japan’s military forces
c) The Allies sent military forces to help regulate Japan’s wealthy economy.
d) The Allies sent the military to rebuild Japan’s armed forces to protect the country.

Prior to the torture and murder of six million Jews in World War II, which ethnic group suffered 1 million murders during World War I?
a) Americans
b) Armenians
c) Europeans
d) Asians

Which term describes the Ottoman treatment of Armenians?
a) forced conversion
b) genocide
c) extradition
d) territorial occupation

After gaining independence, many Latin American countries failed to unify. What was an obstacle to their unification?
a) They lacked a common language and religion
b) They had neither social divisions nor hierarchy
c) Lack of desire by the people made it difficult to create democratic governments
d) Geography made it difficult to build an infrastructure that would bring the regions together

How did the Industrial Revolution affect economic relationships among nations?
a) it created political alliances among nations with resources
b) it promoted a greater degree of interdependence among nations
c) it increased the standard of living for all nations
d) it generated more isolationism among nations with economic resources

Which summarizes the main characteristics of a traditional economic system?
a) central government control, central planning, price controls
b) diplomacy, labor participates in managerial decisions
c) private ownership, social control of division of labor
d) direct trade, no competition, relies on customs

How do economic alliances, such as the European Union (EU) and the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), affect international affairs?
a) they raise trade barriers between competing countries
b) they lower the sales tax on consumer goods
c) they allow countries to negotiate trade imbalances
d) they increase trade among member nations

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