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The growth of UNICEF, the Red Cross, and doctors without borders best reflects which social impact of globalization?
a) the loosening of immigration restrictions
b) the modernization of medical science
c) the centralization of international diplomacy
d) the growth of humanitarian aid efforts

Trade, international law, diplomacy and economic incentives are similar in that they all describe which of the following
a) the important methods nation-states use to interact with one another
b) methods of imperialism by European powers of the 19th century
c) common reasons for the breakdown of order among the nation-states
d) the major departments of the United Nations

Japanese engineers have constructed buildings with new technology. The new technology allows the Japanese to build buildings designed specifically to escape which kind of catastrophe that is common in Japan?
a) floods
b) droughts
c) erosion
d) earthquakes

Europe is a small continent with extensive railroad connections and integrated highway systems. What is the result of this?
a) frequent wars between European nations
b) elimination of language differences within Europe
c) creation of military checkpoints throughout Europe
d) easy exchange of goods and resources among European cities

European cities like Rome, Paris, and London became major economic and population centers because they were founded along or near
a) mountains
b) rivers
c) natural sea ports
d) dry climate regions

The flooding of the Indus, Ganges, and Brahmaputra river systems has created
a) precious mineral deposits
b) fertile alluvial plains
c) vast mountain ranges
d) densely forested swamplands

A region of the world has soils consisting primarily of desert sand and salt flats. The Arabic language and Islamic religion both have a strong influence in this region. What region is this?
a) Central America
b) West Africa
c) Southwest Asia
d) Eastern Europe

With which economic theory did Chief Seattle most likely agree?
a) mixed economy
b) traditional economy
c) market economy
d) command economy

Which concept of the Enlightenment was inspired by John Locke's pamphlet, Two Treatises of Government?
a) truth can be discovered through reasoning and logic
b) humankind can and should improve over time
c) people have a right to equality and freedom
d) what is natural is also reasonable

In November 1967. the UN General Assesmbly wrote a Declaration on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women? What did this document promote for women concerning marriage?
a) women must obey their husbands
b) women will decide freely whom they will marry
c) women have no rights when it comes to marriage
d) women will have sole custody of children in the case of divorce

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