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How does the environment of the intertidal zone change?
a) It is covered in seawater and is sometimes dry
b) It is not covered in seawater and is always dry
c) It fully covered in water and is never dry
d) none of the above

What is the zone that lies 2000m below sea level?
a) Aphotic zone
b) Photic zone
c) Abyssal zone
d) bathyal zone

Molten rock rises along the __________ to form new ocean floors.
a) estuary
b) atoll
c) seamount
d) mid-ocean ridge

The abyssal plain is flat because of ....
a) gravity
b) sediment
c) water pressure
d) trenches

What are the 3 gases that make up the earth's atmosphere?
a) oxygen, carbon dioxide and argon
b) nitrogen, oxygen and other gases
c) oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide
d) oxygen, ozone and carbon dioxide

What is the struture of the atmosphere closets to the earth's crust?
a) troposphere
b) thermosphere
c) mesophere
d) stratosphere

Where does sunlight hit earth at the most acute angle?
a) equator
b) contenients
c) oceans
d) polar regions

As you go up through the atmosphere, the temperature?
a) rises
b) falls
c) both
d) stays the same

What is the atmosphere made up of"
a) air
b) ozone
c) chemicals
d) gases

Why do mountain climbers have to take along oxygen?
a) There is little carbon dioxide to exhale at the top of a mountain
b) Oxygen is lighter than air, so it helps them climb.
c) There is little oxygen to breathe at the top of a mountain
d) They need oxygen to combine with the ozone

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