7th Grade Social Studies Common Exam Review Question Preview (ID: 19479)

Part 3.[print questions]

What type of economy is based on private property, supply and demand, and unregulated markets, and is a system where the common good is maximized when all members of society are allowed to pursue their rational self-interests.
a) command
b) free enterprise
c) traditional
d) socialist

Who owns the means of production in a socialist economy?
a) private citizens
b) corporate groups
c) the government
d) the wealthy

A rural community practices subsistence farming, and operates on a cottage industry system in which they provide for their basic needs at home. There is little if any government insolvent. What type of economy does this rural community practice?
a) command
b) market
c) mixed
d) traditional

What type of economy would allow little if any private property, and permit only collective farming with economic decisions being made by the government?
a) command
b) market
c) mixed
d) traditional

The federal government of country Y has just taken control of a privately owned bank. Which type of economy does this government practice?
a) command
b) socialist
c) mixed
d) traditional

The Soviet government planning agency set wages, prices and production quotas while the Chinese Five-Year economic plans emphasized large scale industry and collectivizing agricultural production. These government programs are examples of a
a) command economy
b) market economy
c) mixed economy
d) traditional economy

How did the Trans-Siberian railroad impact the culture of the communities it was built around?
a) it changed the communities from scattered fur-trading posts and villages near coal mines and allow new cities to develop
b) it led to widespread agricultural production of grain
c) it maintained small communities based on religion and tradition
d) it did not change the communities along the railroad much at all

Which characteristic most influences the location of industrial centers in the United Kingdom?
a) near North Atlantic shipping routes
b) temperate climate
c) resources including petroleum,coal, and natural gas
d) 23.3 % arable land

In 2011, a volcano erupted and pushed a body of water inland, destroying Japan's infrastructure and resulting in a high loss of life and property. What term describes this event?
a) hurricane
b) tornado
c) tsunami
d) el nino

Which geographic factor has most influenced the cultures of the Sahara?
a) religious tradition has determined resource use
b) close proximity to sea lands has fostered commercial trade
c) arid conditions require adaptation to a harsh climate
d) military occupation prevents the development of natural resources

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