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In what system does the government control all of the means of production, including private property, and make all decisions on how resources are to be used?
a) socialism
b) communism
c) capitalism
d) mercantilism

What is one effect of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)
a) reduced tariff rates between member nations
b) decreased regulation of agricultural production
c) restricted U.S. international trade policy
d) decreased revenues for U.S. imports

Which statement best describes a defining characteristic of traditional economies?
a) businesses work with governments to set production goals
b) consumer demand determines production levels
c) production is based on cultural customs
d) production is mandated by the state

How does raising the price of crude oil in global markets affect national economies?
a) National economies must increase funding for alternative fuels
b) National economies must decrease spending on oil-based products
c) National economies must either increase or stabilize prices for oil products through available means
d) National economies must decrease or eliminate government expenditures on essential goods and services

What is the difference between a Communist command economy and a capitalist free market economy?
a) Labor unions are encouraged in a communist command economy
b) governments control factors of production in communist command economies
c) workers in a communist command economy control the price of goods
d) global market shifts influence what is produced in a communist command economy

What was the main reason for the creation of the United Nations?
a) to contain the expansion of communism
b) to isolate the totalitarian governments
c) to establish regional economic stability
d) to provide a forum for international diplomacy

How did the Black Death (bubonic plague) spread across Europe?
a) Knights' horses carried the disease infecting their enemies in battle.
b) Birds carried the disease from Asia to Europe and North Africa.
c) Rats carrying diseased fleas infested ships and houses
d) People ate infected grain that came off a ship in Sicily

Which statement is the best example of cultural diffusion?
a) Venezuela has large reserves of oil
b) Young people dance to rock music in Russia
c) Students in China learn calligraphy in school
d) the caste system is an important part of life in India

What likely effect does the history of slavery have on Brazil?
a) high levels of literacy
b) many different ecological climates
c) abundant job opportunities
d) large inequalities of income

Which statement is closest to the philosophy of social darwinism?
a) “The best way to economic recovery is to subsidize industry so that it will hire more workers and expand production
b) “If jobs are not available, the government must create jobs for those who are unemployed.”
c) “According to human nature: the most talented people will always come out on top.”
d) “Our government is responsible for the nation’s economic well- being.”

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