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Which statement about the culture of Latin America is most accurate?
a) the land is evenly distributed among its citizens
b) public education is widespread and open to all
c) Roman Catholicism is the common religion
d) the French language has some impact on local customs

Many Europeans believed that their advanced technology made them superior to people whose societies were not technologically advanced. This concept is most closely associated with which theory?
a) Marxism
b) Mercantilism
c) Social Darwinism
d) Democratic Republicanism

How did the opening of the Panama Canal change global trade and interaction?
a) it made shipping U.S. goods to other markets more efficient
b) it increased the cost of trading between distant nations
c) it gave the Spanish control of Latin American trade
d) It led to peace in Central America

How did England's desire to expand its empire impact the global economy?
a) England transformed the international arts by selling many plays and dramas about its dream for an empire
b) England achieved its global empire by becoming the leading exporter of finished goods worldwide
c) England exploited its natural resources to win the global competition for land on all its continents
d) England colonized various territories and regions around the world

Which statement is supported by the November 2010Daily News headline which read (Election Win Strikes Blow Against India's Caste System?
a) the caste system influences the economy
b) cultural traditions can influence political issues
c) the caste system supports equality in society
d) religious diversity creates political instability

In which political structure is power granted to the government by consent of the people and government must follow rules and regulations?
a) constitutional democracy
b) authoritarianism
c) totalitarianism
d) constitutional authoritarianism

In which type of government is there absolute rule by an individual with the power usually being passed down through family lines?
a) democracy
b) theocracy
c) oligarchy
d) monarchy

Which of the following makes decisions about production in a command economy?
a) corporations
b) individuals
c) partnerships
d) government

In contrast to the United States which has a democratic government and a free market economy, Cuba's government is Communist and operates according to which type of economy?
a) traditional
b) mixed
c) command
d) barter

All of the following are tenets of capitalism except
a) investing for profit
b) free competition
c) private ownership of property
d) goverrnment control of business

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