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Which would least likely have an impact on global climate changes?
a) producing energy using hydroelectric plants
b) producing energy using coal
c) producing energy using oil
d) producing energy using natural gas

Which is an example of a renewable energy source?
a) Coal
b) biomass
c) gas
d) Oil

A scientist finds the bones of a dinosaur. What could help the scientist determine the approximate age of the dinosaur bones?
a) the birds living in the area of the bones
b) the weather conditions in the area of the bones
c) the kinds of trees living in the area of the bones
d) the index fossils in the area of the bones

Which of these organisms is a producer in a marine ecosystem?
a) Fish
b) Seagull
c) Algae
d) Worm

Kudzu vines grow by climbing and wrapping around trees. Trees covered by kudzu can die because they are starved of sunlight. What type of relationship exists between the trees and the kudzu growing on them?
a) Competition
b) Mutualism
c) Parasitism
d) Predator-prey

Why is a healthy diet important?
a) It maintains a constant body temperature.
b) It prevents damage to internal organs.
c) It makes oxygen for all the cells in the body.
d) It suppies the body's needs for growth and energy.

Which is a possible disadvantage of using flowing water to produce electricity?
a) Ecosystem damage and loss of land
b) Reduced carbon dioxide emission
c) Only suitable for industrial use
d) Creates reservoirs

Which best explains the importance of nitrogen in the cycling of energy and matter?
a) Nitrogen increases the effectiveness of photosynthesis.
b) Nitrogen decreases the effectiveness of photosynthesis.
c) Nitrogen decreases protein production in plants.
d) Nitrogen increases protein production in plants.

Which is a problem with using wind turbines to produce energy?
a) Wind turbines are efficient only in certain areas.
b) Wind turbines occupy a small area of land.
c) Wind turbines produce a large amount of energy.
d) Wind turbines create a large amount of pollution

What do earthquakes tell scientists about the history of the planet?
a) Earth’s climate is constantly changing.
b) The continents of Earth are continually moving.
c) Dinosaurs became extinct about 65 million years ago.
d) The oceans are much deeper today than millions years ago.

Humans can do many things to impact the environment. Which of these is an example of how humans negatively impact the environment?
a) planting more trees
b) burning less fossil fuels
c) reducing beach erosion
d) increasing water runoff

From the answer choices below, which gives the best example of point-source pollution?
a) Urban run-off
b) Agriculture run-off
c) Littering on the street
d) Neighborhood run-off

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