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Which human action would most likely increase the nutrients in an ecosystem?
a) building a rock wall
b) fertilizing a cornfield
c) watering a flower bed
d) pulling weeds from a garden

A company has acquired land next to a local river. One month after the company opened, the pH of the river dropped from 6.7 to 6.2, and the month after that, the pH was 5.9. Which effect would lowering the pH most likely have on the organisms?
a) All organisms would die
b) Some organisms would adapt to the new pH, while others that could not, would die.
c) All organisms would thrive.
d) The organisms would work together to raise the pH of the river.

Which best describes the water distribution in an estuary?
a) The saltwater is closer to the surface than the freshwater.
b) The freshwater is closer to the surface than the saltwater
c) The saltwater is found closer to the bank, and the freshwater is found closer to the center.
d) The freshwater is found closer to the bank, and the saltwater is found closer to the center.

Which human activity would have the greatest positive impact on the water quality of a stream?
a) releasing warm water into the stream
b) driving cars through the stream
c) reducing use of fertilizers near the stream
d) increasing use of chemicals near the stream

According to scientists, only 1% of the water on Earth is available for human use. Where is this available water most likely found?
a) Ocean
b) Groundwater
c) rivers and lakes
d) glaciers and icecaps

Why do lakes, rivers, and streams most likely require more treatment than groundwater?
a) They are classified as surface water resources.
b) They experience fewer governmental regulations
c) They are exposed to a greater variety of contaminants

Why is filtration an important part of water treatment?
a) Filtration guarantees a clear coloring in water.
b) Filtration adds chlorine to water to kill microorganisms.
c) Filtration removes small particles from the water.
d) Filtration adds vitamins and minerals to drinking water.

Which dissolved gas is added to ocean water as a result of photosynthesis?
a) Nitrogen
b) Carbon Dioxide
c) Sulfur
d) oxygen

While Kevin’s family was making a cross country trip, he saw a sign that said, “Now entering the Cape Fear Watershed.” He asked his father what that meant. How did his father most likely explain a watershed?
a) It is a small building near the town of Cape Fear that holds the town’s water.
b) It is the name of a community near the Cape Fear River.
c) It is the name of a state park
d) It is an area where all the water drains into a river ending in the ocean near Cape Fear.

Why can organisms live in the deep ocean?
a) They can't.
b) Hydrothermal vents give off life-sustaining chemicals and have huge biological communities
c) Only large animals such as whales and sharks venture this deep in the ocean.
d) Light given off by underwater volcanoes provides enough energy for plants to grow.

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