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I wan to to have lunch. I'm ______
a) thirsty
b) sad
c) surprised
d) Hungry

We often put __________ on spaguetti.
a) chicken
b) salad
c) cheese
d) rice

We make chips from _______
a) spaghetti
b) potatoes
c) meat
d) fish

______________ is red.
a) An olive
b) A tomato
c) A nut
d) An orange

Beth is making _________ for lunch.
a) sandwiches
b) ice creams
c) sugar
d) biscuits

That dog is very big! I'm ______________ .
a) frightened
b) surprised
c) happy
d) sad

Can I have some ______________. I'm thirsty.
a) rice
b) water
c) salad
d) meat

I drink tea with _____________.
a) Egg
b) Salt
c) Sugar
d) Salad

I'm _____________. I want to go to bed.
a) Tired
b) Thirsty
c) Egg
d) Sugar

I'm ______________. It' my birthday.
a) Happy
b) Thirsty
c) Hungry
d) Meat

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