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During Reconstruction, the Radical Republicans believed all of the following EXCEPT:
a) Andrew Johnson did a great job during Presidential Reconstruction.
b) The South should be punished for starting the Civil War.
c) African Americans should be given civil rights and voting rights.
d) Congress should be in charge of Reconstruction.

Who was the brilliant military general who led the South to many victories in the Civil War?
a) Robert E. Lee
b) Ulysses Grant
c) John Brown
d) William T. Sherman

This abolitionist attacked a weapons factory in Harper's Ferry and tried to start a slave revolt:
a) Dred Scott
b) Harriet Tuban
c) Charles Sumner
d) John Brown

An abolitionist believed:
a) That the best they could do was keep slavery from spreading West.
b) That slavery was good for masters AND slaves.
c) That slavery should end completely and immediately in America.
d) That slavery was bad for the U.S. but it would be more dangerous to get rid of it.

The Forty-Niners are most closely associated to:
a) The Alamo.
b) The Civil War.
c) The Gold Rush.
d) The Ku Klux Klan.

Why was Andrew Jackson such a popular presidential candidate?
a) He had a Harvard education.
b) He was tough and acted like a common American, not a snob.
c) His family had always been very wealthy.
d) He made lots of fancy speeches at fancy parties.

The Fifteenth Amendment:
a) Gave African American men the right to vote.
b) Gave all African Americans the right to vote, regardless of gender.
c) Abolished slavery.
d) Was popular with white southerners.

The Thirteenth Amendment:
a) defined who was a citizen in America.
b) gave all men the right to vote.
c) abolished slavery.
d) gave women the right to vote.

The Fourteenth Amendment:
a) Abolished slavery.
b) Created the poll tax and literacy test.
c) Impeached Andrew Johnson.
d) Defined who was a citizen in America and guaranteed their civil rights.

General Lee surrendered to General Grant:
a) at Appomatox Court House.
b) at Vicksburg.
c) in Washington, D.C.
d) General Lee never surrendered.

The main goal of Reconstruction was to:
a) Start another Civil War.
b) Rebuild the South and the nation as a whole.
c) Execute all Confederate officers.
d) Avenge Abraham Lincoln's death.

The main goal of the Ku Klux Klan during Reconstruction was to:
a) kill every African American in the U.S.A.
b) get back political power from African Americans and Republicans.
c) help the carpetbaggers run the Freedmen's Bureau.
d) invade the North and start another war.

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