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Which is CHEMICAL digestion?
a) saliva breaking down food
b) teeth breaking up food
c) smooth muscles squeezing food along
d) swallowing a piece of food

As the number of species of plants increase during succession, so does the
a) amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere
b) the species of animals
c) amount of precipitation
d) average temperature

____ receive energy from grass
a) Herbivores
b) Carnivores
c) Producers
d) The sun

A pioneer species (like lichen) makes changes that _____in a developing ecosystem.
a) increase precipitation
b) allow other organisms to colonize
c) decrease biodiversity
d) cause extinctions

Which would an ecosystem rely on the most?
a) butterflies and grasshoppers
b) panda bears and mice
c) trees and grass
d) hawks and turtles

The least complex level of organization is
a) organ system
b) organ
c) tissue
d) cell

Xylem tissue
a) determines a trait
b) transports water
c) bends toward light
d) is a pioneer species

Genes are found on chromosomes in the nucleus of cells. Genes determine
a) traits
b) skills
c) intelligence
d) all of these answers are correct

Sexual reproduction (sperm fertilizes egg) results in children that resemble their parents, but are still different. Sexual reproduction
a) passes genetic material from generation to generation.
b) makes identical copies of organisms
c) results in offspring that are uniform (all exactly the same)
d) includes budding, binary fission, regeneration, runners and bulbs

ALL living cells grow, move (even if it’s too slow to see ), reproduce, transport materials (nutrients) and
a) live forever
b) extract energy from food
c) mutate until superpowers are achieved
d) photosynthesize

The function of a cell's vacuole is
a) sexual reproduction
b) storage
c) gas exchange
d) respiration

When skin is damaged, the biggest risk is
a) sneezing, coughing, and hiccups
b) sleeping
c) the integumentary system releases perspiration (sweat)
d) infection

Your respiratory system (lungs) exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide. But the system that transports nutrients and wastes is
a) circulatory system
b) nervous system
c) endocrine system
d) reproductive system

Plants that bend toward light are
a) aquatic
b) warm blooded
c) gravitropic
d) phototropic

Wild wolves are ancestors of dogs. How did this happen, what changed?
a) asexual reproduction
b) genetic material
c) spaying and neutering
d) human behavior

All ecosystems must have plants. Plants change light energy to chemical energy while making plant food. Energy flows through an ecosystem in this order:
a) sun, plants, thing that eats plants, meat eater
b) meat eater, thing that east plants, sun, plants
c) thing that eats plants, sun, meat eater, sun
d) sun, plants, meat eater, thing that eats plants

High biodiversity means an ecosystem has many food sources to chose from (many organisms and many kinds of organisms). When biodiversity is low, animals migrate until
a) they mate and give birth
b) they find a better climate
c) they find food
d) they die

Camouflaged fur is an example of
a) a trait used primarily by decomposers
b) how predators find prey
c) a behavior
d) an adaptation

Change in populations over many generations is a result of
a) natural selection
b) asexual reproduction
c) overproduction
d) migration

Living things (like bugs) and parts of living things (like skeletons) are organic. They contain carbon. Which is ORGANIC?
a) H2O (water)
b) Oxygen
c) C6H12O6 (glucose)
d) NaCl (salt)

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