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Some materials donĀ“t conduct electricity
a) Opaque
b) Permeability
c) Transparent
d) Electrical insulation

Other objects can clearly be seen through these materials
a) Porosity
b) Transparent
c) Toxic
d) Brittleness

The capacity of materials to transmit sound
a) Hardness
b) Contraction
c) Elasticity
d) Acoustic conductivity

The material can be bent by external forces acting on them
a) Reusable
b) Welding
c) Flexural
d) Porosity

Some materials allow liquids to filter through them
a) Renewable
b) Permeability
c) Cutting
d) Thermal insulators

Allows a material to be permanently deformed
a) Fusibility
b) Porosity
c) Toughness
d) Plasticity

Some metals attract other metallic materials
a) Magnetism
b) Oxidation
c) Biodegradable
d) Translucent

These raw materials can be regenerated.
a) Reusable
b) Recyclable
c) Renewable
d) Biodegradable

They are harmful to the environment
a) Hardness
b) Thermal inulators
c) Toxic
d) Oxidation

Allows the material to return to its original form after a force is removed
a) Malleability
b) Ductility
c) Elasticity
d) Plasticity

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