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Why does Taylor decide to stay in Arizona?
a) Because of the mountains.
b) Because of the odd shaped rocks.
c) Because that's where her mother is.

Why doesn't LouAnn's mother like Angel?
a) Because she is prejudiced.
b) Because he is too old for her
c) Because he is too young for her.

What does Mama mean when she compares people to scarecrows?
a) Some people are skinny, but strong
b) Some people have scary lives
c) Some people have a strong upbringing, foundation

In Bean Trees, What does the title of Chapter 1, The One to Get Away refer?
a) The classmate who escaped poverty and left town
b) The big fish that Missy doesn't catch in the pond
c) The classmate who made something of themselves while others don't.

Why is Gatsby's love for Daisy doomed to fail?
a) She can never live u to the idea of who Gatsby imagines she is
b) She is a married woman
c) She would never cheat on Tom.

What word does NIck use to describe Daisy and Tom at the end of the novel?
a) Selfish
b) Careless
c) Lazy

The only character who knows the whole truth about the accident and all the complex relationships involved is:
a) Tom
b) Gatsby
c) Nick

When Myrtle saw Jordan with Tom, when she though Jordan was who?
a) His sister
b) His wife
c) Another lover

Where is Daisy's home town?
a) Chicago
b) New York
c) Louisville
d) Santa Barbara

Why did Gatsby give huge parties?
a) He had a lot of friends
b) He liked to spend his money.
c) He hoped Daisy would show up.
d) To Impress Tom

The eyes of Dr. Ekleburg looking down on everyone is symbolic of what?
a) judgement
b) fortune
c) wealth
d) fortune-telling

Myrtle's pretense to have a group of people working in the kitchen at the apartment symbolizes what?
a) Her hint to Tom to hire help
b) Her being used to having help
c) Her desire to be rich

Who says he tries not to judge people, at the beginning of the novel?
a) Nick
b) Tom
c) Gatsby
d) Wolfsheim

Who fixed the 1919 World Series
a) Klipspringer
b) Wolfsheim
c) Gatsby
d) none of the above

Who cries over dog biscuits?
a) Wolfsheim
b) Klipspringer
c) Tom
d) Myrtle

Who was rumored to have cheated at sports?
a) Tom Buchanan
b) Jay Gatsby
c) George Buchanan
d) Jordan Baker

Who is the only person at the end of Gatsby that Nick likes at the end of the Novel?
a) Jay Gatsby
b) Daisy Buchanan
c) Jordan Baker
d) Myrtle Wilson

Who wants to buy Tom's car?
a) Nick Carraway
b) Jay Gatsby
c) George Wilson
d) Nick Gatsby

What does Angel do for Lou Ann while her mother and Granny are there?
a) He paints the house.
b) He pretends they are still together.
c) He cooks each evening meal for them.

What is the significance of Angel pouring out the Tug Fort water down the drain?
a) It's his desire to show her how he felt about her family.
b) It's Lou Ann's last bit of Kentucky going away.
c) It's his desire to show her who the boss is.

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