Chapter 14: 3-A Question Preview (ID: 1945)

Animals And Behavior: Living Together. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

Living in groups ___.
a) attracts predators
b) helps prey spot predators
c) helps animals find food
d) all of the answers

Which statement about communication between animals is NOT true?
a) Animals use it to find mates.
b) It helps animals avoid enemies.
c) It helps animals find their food.
d) It occurs only between members of the same species.

Elephants and insects use some of the same ___ to attract mates.
a) sounds
b) courtship dance
c) pheromones
d) body language

When dogs prick up their ears and wag their tag tails, they are ___.
a) doing a courtship dance
b) trying to frighten a predator
c) defending their territory
d) using body language to display that they are happy

When a honeybee finds nectar, it communicates where the nectar is to the other worker bees by ___.
a) doing the waggle dance
b) emitting low-pitched sounds not heard by humans.
c) dropping down to its forelegs
d) lying on its back

An animal uses signals to ___.
a) influence another animal's behavior
b) all of the answers
c) attract a mate
d) avoid predators

Which of the following is NOT a method of animal communication?
a) writing
b) scent
c) vision
d) sound

Chemicals used by animals as a means of communication are called ___.
a) pheromones
b) biological clock
c) learned behavior
d) circadian rhythms

___ is special behavior by animals of the same species that leads to mating.
a) Pheromones
b) Courtship
c) Camouflage
d) Hibernation

___ is the interaction between animals of the same species.
a) Communication
b) Pheromones
c) Social behavior
d) Hibernation

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