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Unlike plants, fungi cannot make their own food because they do not have
a) chlorophyll
b) roots
c) spores
d) hyphae

The respiration system of frogs differs from mammals because frogs —
a) have lungs at hatching and develop gills for life in the water
b) hatch with gills and develop lungs as they mature
c) have gills throughout their life cycle
d) breathe only through their skin

In the human body, muscle cells have an increased need for energy during exercise. To help supply this energy, the body will immediately increase —
a) the need for waste products to be retained
b) activity in the nervous system to stimulate intake of carbon dioxide
c) the breathing rate to supply more oxygen to cells for the release of energy
d) food intake to increase the substances available for respiration

Which of the following is most effective in helping rain forest plants trap sunlight so that light energy can be converted to chemical energy?
a) Large root size
b) Small stem
c) Small seed size
d) Large leaf size

Scientists hypothesize that oxygen began to accumulate in Earth’s atmosphere after the appearance of living things with the ability to —
a) form tissues
b) breathe air
c) reproduce sexually
d) photosynthesize

Photosynthesis is important for almost all life on Earth because it —
a) uses simple elements
b) produces oxygen
c) releases usable forms of nitrogen
d) is responsible for most decay

The process of photosynthesis ultimately converts light energy into —
a) chemical energy
b) mechanical energy
c) electrical energy
d) nuclear energy

Algae and multicellular plants are autotrophs because they —
a) decompose dead organisms
b) absorb nutrients from soil
c) break down starches to glucose
d) capture sunlight to produce sugars

Which of these processes is carried out in the same way in both plants and animals?
a) Cellular respiration
b) Circulation of body fluids
c) Excretion of metabolic waste
d) Asexual reproduction

The energy in the food produced by autotrophs or taken into the bodies of heterotrophs must be changed into a form that cells can use. The energy-transferring molecule used by cells is —
a) ATP
b) DNA
c) RNA
d) CO2

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