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Which of these is responsible for the “rough” appearance of endoplasmic reticulum?
a) Enzymes
b) Lysosomes
c) DNA
d) Ribosomes

What repackages proteins into forms the cell can use, expel, or keep stored?
a) Mitochondria
b) Centrioles
c) Golgi bodies
d) Lysosomes

Some unicellular organisms are motile (have the ability to move) and some are nonmotile. Which cellular structures are associated with movement?
a) Ribosomes
b) Vacuoles
c) Flagella
d) Chloroplasts

Which characteristic of prokaryotic organisms makes them different from eukaryotes?
a) Prokaryotes do not have chromosomes.
b) Prokaryotes have DNA.
c) Prokaryotic cells do not have membrane-bound organelles.
d) Prokaryotes are made of cells.

A bacterium will construct different proteins to metabolize the sugars lactose or glucose, depending on which one it detects in the outside environment. What part of the bacterium allows it to recognize different substances in the outside environment
a) Endoplasmic reticulum
b) Lysosomes
c) Nucleus
d) Cell membrane

Which of these organisms contains no specialized cells?
a) Paramecium
b) Sponge
c) Jellyfish
d) Sea anemone

The main difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells is that —
a) prokaryotic cells are always much larger
b) eukaryotic cells have a smaller cell nucleus
c) prokaryotic cells do not have a plasma membrane
d) eukaryotic cells have a more advanced cellular organization

What characteristic do all living things share?
a) They contain DNA.
b) They need oxygen to survive.
c) They are made up of many parts.
d) They reproduce by mitosis.

What is the purpose of the flagellum?
a) Attachment
b) Catching prey
c) Circulation
d) Movement

All of these are common shapes of bacteria EXCEPT —
a) rod
b) spherical
c) spiral
d) square

Which of these is most responsible for carrying coded information from the nucleus?
a) ATP
b) mRNA
c) The cell membrane
d) The ribosomes

What is true of cells?
a) All cells have nuclei for control of cell functions.
b) Each of the kingdoms has different organelles for metabolism.
c) Most kingdoms are made up of prokaryotic cells.
d) Eukaryotic cells vary in covering and in food production.

What structure is common to all five kingdoms of living organisms?
a) Nucleus
b) Mitochondria
c) Cell wall
d) DNA

How is a prokaryotic bacterium different from a eukaryotic cell?
a) It has ribosomes to make proteins.
b) It has no membrane-bound nucleus.
c) It has a cell membrane.
d) It stores its genetic information in DNA.

Tall land plants have requirements different from those of aquatic plants. Which of these must the tall land plants have that aquatic plants do not need?
a) Organelles for respiration
b) Thick-celled walls
c) A means of reproduction
d) Photosynthetic abilities

Which of these statements best summarizes the cell theory?
a) Cells contain a nucleus and other parts.
b) Cells come in different shapes and sizes.
c) Cells can be seen through a microscope.
d) Cells are the building blocks of living things.

Cells from which of the following organisms would be expected to contain cell walls?
a) Paramecium
b) Cricket
c) Sponge
d) Water lily

When an animal eats, food stays in the stomach for a period of time. When a unicellular organism, such as Paramecium, takes in food, the food is contained in which organelle?
a) Nucleus
b) Mitochondrion
c) Vacuole
d) Chloroplast

Which pair of structures best shows that plant cells have functions different from animal cells?
a) Chloroplasts and cell walls
b) Cytoplasm and mitochondria
c) Ribosomes and cell membranes
d) Nuclei and centrioles

Which of these functions most like the “brain” of a cell?
a) The mitochondrion
b) The nucleus
c) The Golgi apparatus
d) The smooth endoplasmic reticulum

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