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The discovery that chromosomes are involved in inheritance was made possible by the invention of the —
a) mercury thermometer
b) microscope
c) computer
d) microgram scale

A biology class in Virginia conducted a survey of the plant species found on their school grounds. What resources would be most helpful to the class in identifying the plants and determining if they were introduced as exotic species?
a) Virginia newspapers and science journals
b) Virginia native plant checklists and plant identification keys
c) Biology textbooks and the encyclopedia
d) Fossil records and historical society publications

In 1953, using information collected by other scientists, an American biologist and an English physicist built a three- dimensional model of DNA. These discoveries best illustrate the importance of —
a) recent improvements in the scientific method
b) independent research
c) replication of results
d) collaborative efforts among scientists

A microscope has ocular lenses of 5x, 10x, and 20x and objective lenses of 10x, 40x, and 100x. What is the MINIMUM magnification of this microscope?
a) 10x
b) 50x
c) 400x
d) 660x

A student researching a new discovery about the activity of mitochondria could find the most current and reliable information in a —
a) newspaper
b) cell biology textbook
c) popular news magazine
d) scientific journal

As part of their training, biologists learn the history of developments in their field of interest. Which best explains the importance of this education?
a) It provides background information since most conclusions from before 1950 have been disproven.
b) It gives biologists an understanding of their field so they can expand on earlier knowledge.
c) It allows scientists to rule out models that have already been tested.
d) It narrows their field of research because most important discoveries in biology have already been made.

An important feature of modern classification systems is that they —
a) group organisms that live in the same habitat
b) apply only to organisms that are alive today
c) can predict the discovery of new species
d) can incorporate new scientific discoveries

An organism that causes infections in plants and animals, but cannot be seen with a light microscope similar to that used in a high school biology course, is most likely a —
a) virus
b) bacterium
c) protozoan
d) fungus

Which of the following methods would provide the most accurate information for students collecting data about local attitudes concerning the use of alternative fuels for automobiles?
a) Study newspaper articles
b) Take an opinion poll of drivers
c) Track prices at nearby gas stations
d) Listen to speeches given by politicians

Richard was observing black swallowtail butterflies in the field. Which one of these is an observation he made about a black swallowtail butterfly?
a) The black swallowtail laid its eggs on a parsley plant.
b) The black swallowtail belongs to the class Insecta.
c) The black swallowtail likes to fly more than anything else.
d) The black swallowtail is closely related to the spicebush swallowtail.

Henry’s project is on porcupine populations in Virginia. He would like to use the phone book to help him make contacts. His most reliable contacts would probably be found by looking in the phone book under —
a) state agencies
b) civil engineers
c) travel agencies
d) newspapers

Which of the following best explains why a student researching genetics should use the most recent textbooks available?
a) New discoveries frequently add to older knowledge in genetics.
b) Research in Mendelian genetics began very recently.
c) No technologies from more than ten years ago are still in use.
d) Older textbooks are more difficult to understand.

Which of these would be the best resource to research the symptoms and treatment of hypoglycemia?
a) Daily television news
b) Natural History Magazine
c) New England Journal of Medicine
d) Journal of Zoology

If a student needs to do research on heredity for a science project, which of these sources is the most reliable resource?
a) A weekly news magazine
b) A national newspaper
c) A professional journal
d) A newspaper tabloid

Which of the following scientific achievements best represents a collaborative effort among scientists?
a) Gregor Mendel’s study of pea plants enabled Thomas Morgan to become the first to locate a gene on a chromosome in Drosophila.
b) Robert Koch studied infectious diseases, and Louis Pasteur demonstrated that life only comes from life.
c) Anton van Leeuwenhoek invented the microscope in the 1600s, which was later used by others to study cells.
d) Francis Crick and James Watson worked together to design the double-helix model of DNA.

A student wants to view cells under the compound microscope at a total magnification of 400X. If the eyepiece is 10X, which of the following objective lenses should be used?
a) 100x
b) 10x
c) 40x
d) 4x

Why do you put a coverslip on a slide at an angle?
a) prevents the coverslip from moving
b) allows microorganisms to move freely in the water
c) reduces the possibility of air bubbles on the slide
d) prevents the escape of microorganisms found in the water

Early classification systems consisted of two kingdoms; Plantae and Animalia. What scientific development allowed taxonomists to establish the Monera and Protista kingdoms?
a) Discovery of DNA
b) Creation of electrophoresis
c) Development of Koch’s postulates
d) Invention of the electron microscope

Which of the following came first in the scientific study of living things?
a) Electron microscope
b) Cell theory
c) Model of DNA
d) Light microscope

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