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Who was the first lady of Argentina?
a) Eva Peron
b) Ernest Hemingway
c) Dalai Lama
d) Mom

Who was an iconic figure in the Twentieth Century media and entertainment industry, helping to produce many films?
a) Walt Disney
b) Peter Sellers
c) John Lennon
d) Lyndon Johnson

Who was known as the 'Blue Period'?
a) Pablo Picasso
b) Jawaharlal Nehru
c) Thomas Edison
d) Desmond Tutu

Who is one the world’s greatest thinkers, artists and philosophers?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) Franklin D. Roosevelt
c) Thomas Edison
d) Lyndon Johnson

Who is considered the greatest basketball player of all time?
a) Michael Jordan
b) Haile Selassie
c) Lord Baden Powell
d) Henry Ford

Who is an entrepreneur and businessman, who founded the Virgin group of more than 400 companies?
a) Richard Branson
b) Neil Armstrong
c) Pele
d) Benazir Bhutto

Who was an influential and controversial figure in the American civil rights movements of the 1960s?
a) Malcolm X
b) Richard Branson
c) Peter Sellers
d) Jesse Owens

Who was an American author and journalist whose unique writing style had a strong influence on 20th century fiction and culture?
a) Ernest Hemingway
b) Oscar Wilde
c) Coco Chanel
d) Fidel Castro

Who was a leading French modernist designer, whose patterns of simplicity and style revolutionised women's clothing?
a) Coco Chanel
b) Pope Francis
c) Ronald Reagan
d) Babe Ruth

Who is one of the most famous actresses of the twentieth century. In a career lasting several decades she landed four Oscars - a record even today?
a) Katharine Hepburn
b) Sting
c) Mary Magdalene
d) Mata Hari

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