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What time period are we currently living in?
a) Stone Age
b) Ice Age
c) Information Age
d) Age of Exploration

What did Nelson Mandela protest against in South Africa?
a) slavery
b) apartheid
c) unions
d) the British

Gandhi's protest can be described as __.
a) non-violent
b) violent
c) aggressive
d) hostile

What happened on September 11, 2001?
a) Ms. Caldwell was born
b) President Clinton won the elecion
c) Boris Yeltsin won the first free election in Russia
d) In an act of terrorism, airplanes were hijacked and used as weapons against the U.S.

Which two groups have a conflict in the Middle East for over 60 years?
a) Israelis and Palestininans
b) French and Russians
c) Germans and Chinese
d) Africans and Americans

Which of the following represented the end of the Cold War?
a) election of George Bush
b) election of Ronald Reagan
c) fall of the Berlin Wall
d) fall of the Brandenburg Gate

Who won the Vietnam war?
a) South Vietnam
b) South Korean
c) North Vietnam
d) North Korea

What caused the Korean Conflict?
a) North Vietnam invaded South Vietnam in hopes to create one communist Vietnam
b) South Korea invaded North Korea in hopes to created one democratic Korea
c) South Vietnam invaded North Vietnam in hopes to create one democratic Vietnam
d) North Korea invaded South Korea in hopes to create one communist Korea

What was the Cold War?
a) war of ideologies (communism vs. democracy)
b) war of religions (Catholics vs. Jews)
c) war of economies (capitalist vs free market)
d) war of nuclear weapns

The U.S. and the Soviet Union came close to nuclear war during this -
a) Vietnam War
b) Korean Conflict
c) Cuban Missile Crisis
d) fall of the Berlin Wall

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