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Je sedm hodin odpoledne
a) It is seven a.m.
b) It is seven p.m.
c) It is seven time evening.
d) It is quarter past seven.

Řekni mi kolik je hodin prosím.
a) Say me time.
b) Tell me what time it is, please.
c) Talk me o'clock please.
d) Tell me how are time please.

Je pět hodin.
a) It is five o'clock.
b) Are five o'clock.
c) Is five.
d) It is fifteen o'clock.

Kolik je hodin?
a) What are time?
b) How much is o'clock?
c) What is the time?
d) What time is?

Je deset hodin a patnáct minut.
a) It's ten o'clock.
b) It is guarter to eleven.
c) It is guarter to ten.
d) It is ten fifteen.

Je čtvrt na sedm.
a) It's quarter to six.
b) It's quarter past six.
c) It is sedm forty-five.
d) It's five o'clock.

Je tři čtvrtě na tři.
a) It's a quarter after three.
b) It's a quarter past three.
c) It's a quarter to three.
d) It is two and fiftteen minits.

Je půl osmé.
a) It is half past seven.
b) It is half past eight.
c) It is seven thirty-five.
d) It is seven tiume o'clock

It is quarter past six.
a) Je čtvrt na šest.
b) Je šest patnáct.
c) Je čtvrt na sedm.
d) Je tři čtvrtě na šest.

Do you like this test?
a) Vůbec mi to nepomohlo.
b) O ničem.
c) NE!
d) ANO!

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