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How many neutrons does Sulfur have?
a) 12
b) 14
c) 16
d) 20

Which term describes a chemical reaction that releases heat
a) hypothermic
b) endothermic
c) hyperthermic
d) exothermic

If your showcased that you were dealing with an acid, which selection shows the best range of acids
a) 0-6.9
b) 6.9 - 4.0
c) 3.9 - 1.0
d) 0- 7.3

This example represents the best potential energy
a) A swimmer diving off the starting block
b) A bullet being shot out of a gun
c) A spring being released
d) An apple on a branch

True or False- Substances you see are matter; substances you cannot see are not matter
a) True
b) False

The smallest particle that makes up all matter is
a) Proton
b) Cell
c) Atom
d) Ion

Calculate the Displacement of the following: Cylinder A-85 milliliters and Cylinder B- 105 milliliters
a) 40
b) 30
c) 20
d) 10

If Jane is running at a speed of 145 m/s at a distance of 20, calculate the time it would take her to finish
a) 2.9 seconds
b) 2,900 seconds
c) 290 secods
d) 29 seconds

How many Lewis Dots does Phosphorus have
a) 5
b) 6
c) 7
d) 8

Patricia ate some much cake she now weights 45 hectograms. It she wanted to know her weight in milligrams, what would it be?
a) 0.0000045 milligrams
b) 45,000 milligrams
c) 4,500,000 milligrams
d) 4.5 milligrams

Name the following compound Si4F7
a) Silicon heptaflourine
b) Monsilicon Heptaflouride
c) Tetrasilicon HexaFlouride
d) Tetrasilicon Heptaflouride

Iodine and Radon is an example of a
a) Hydrologic Bond
b) Covalent Bond
c) Ionic Bond
d) Metallic Bond

Calculate the density of a 150,000 gram substance with a volume of 1,000
a) 150 g/ml
b) 1.5 g.ml
c) 150,000,000 g/ml
d) 0.150 g/ml

Which of the following is a chemical change
a) A rain puddle turning into ice
b) Cutting up a piece of paper
c) Burning wood and it turns into ashes
d) steam going into the air from a boiling pot

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