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How did Tom die?
a) He was stabbed
b) He was shot in jail
c) He killed himself

What did Mrs. Dubose make the kids do for her?
a) Read to her
b) Clean her house
c) Rake her yard

When the children went out and bought things, what did Jem buy?
a) A yo-yo
b) New shoes
c) A steam engine

Why were the children and Atticus made fun of and called name for?
a) The children didn't attend school
b) Atticus was defending a black man.
c) The family was poor

In what season does Dill come to Maycomb?
a) Winter
b) Fall
c) Summer

What was Tom accused of?
a) Stealing
b) Rape
c) Drugs

Who did the children want to meet after hearing stories about this person?
a) Boo
b) Their aunt
c) Susie the new neighbor

What was actually in Mr. Raymond's bottle?
a) Coca-cola
b) Alcohol
c) Water

How did Mr. Tate say Bob died?
a) Boo killed him
b) Jem killed him
c) He fell and stabbed himself

What book did Atticus read at the end of the book?
a) The Gray Ghost
b) The Bible
c) Bambi

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