Washington State Question Preview (ID: 1943)

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What is the state bird of washington
a) Willow goldfinch
b) Blue Jay
c) Robin
d) Humming Bird

What is the major economic resource of Washington state?
a) Apples
b) Grapes
c) Oranges
d) Berries

What region of the country is Washington state located in?
a) Southwest
b) Northwest
c) Northeast
d) Midwest

What is the name washington's state flower?
a) Rose
b) Daisy
c) Costal Rhododendron
d) Tulip

What famous president is on washington's state flag?
a) Thomas Jefferson
b) Franklin Roosevlet
c) Abraham Lincoln
d) George Washington

What color is the state flag of Washington?
a) Green
b) Brown
c) Red
d) Blue

What year did Washington become a state
a) 1880
b) 1882
c) 1885
d) 1889

Washington state was what # to enter the union?
a) 34
b) 39
c) 42
d) 49

What color's is washington's state bird?
a) White, blue, gray
b) yellow, red, Black
c) Blue, white, red
d) Yellow, black, white

Washington's state's nickname is what?
a) "The Scenic State"
b) "The land of many tree's"
c) "The Everygreen State"
d) "The Mountainous State"

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