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We don't like ________________ to the gym on Fridays.
a) to go
b) to going
c) going
d) to go OR going

It's important not to avoid ________________ when you are stressed.
a) to exercise
b) to exercising
c) exercising
d) to do exercise

We are planning on __________ your birthday this weekend!
a) celebrating
b) to celebrate
c) to celebrating
d) party

I'm really tired of ____________ gerunds and infinitives!
a) learn
b) study
c) studying
d) to study

Are you good at _______________ spicy food?
a) cook
b) making
c) to cook
d) to eating

Do you feel like _________ downtown this weekend?
a) to go
b) walk
c) going
d) to walk

We're sad _______ we're moving next month.
a) to be
b) to say
c) saying
d) being

Martin is afraid of _____________ alone.
a) living
b) to live
c) to be
d) live

They prefer ____________ in Mexico rather than the United States.
a) to living
b) living
c) to live
d) to live OR to be

Don't put off ___________ for your vacation!
a) pack
b) to pack
c) packing
d) to pack OR packing

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