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The force that keeps the planets in orbit around the sun is called-
a) Magnetism
b) Gravity
c) Power
d) Electrical Energy

Ocean currents play a major role in Earth\\\'s-
a) Rotation
b) Trip around the sun
c) Weather
d) Soil Texture

The protection of the Earth's resources is called-
a) Reflection
b) Conservation
c) Refraction
d) Solar Power

The sun is at the center of our Solar System. What is another name for our sun?
a) Star
b) Planet
c) Meteorite
d) Galaxy

The moon's gravitational pull is responsible for Earth's-
a) Temperature
b) Air Pressure
c) Ocean Tides
d) Solar Energy

Which is NOT an example of a natural resource?
a) Soil
b) Trees
c) Clothing
d) Water

The length of a planet\'s year is determined by-
a) The time it takes to rotate on its axis
b) The number of hours in a day
c) The number of hours in a day
d) The time it takes to move around the sun

All energy that influences weather and causes plants to grow on Earth comes from-
a) Inside the Earth
b) The moon
c) Outside the solar system
d) The Sun

What is one way the human eye and a telescope are alike?
a) Both can easily see great distances in the solar system
b) Both have lenses that refract light
c) Both are parts of the human body
d) Both can rotate 360 degrees

When astronauts travel in space, they can look back and see the Earth and moon because-
a) The sun's light reflects off the Earth and moon
b) The sun refracts light on the Earth and moon
c) The sun's light is symmetrical
d) Gravity brings light to the Earth and moon and takes it back to the sun

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