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The most important function of political parties is to
a) conduct public opinion polls
b) help candidates win elections.
c) organize debates.
d) hold campaign rallies.

Which of the following is NOT a struggle that third parties face?
a) Getting enough signatures on a petition to get on the ballot.
b) Raising enough money to run an effective campaign.
c) Convincing someone to vote for a third party candidate.
d) Getting enough votes to win the election.

Who really elects the president and vice president?
a) Congress
b) Electoral College
c) Supreme Court
d) Citizens

How is the number of electors from each state determined?
a) Equal to the number of Representatives
b) Equal to the number of Senators
c) Equal to the number of Representatives plus the number of Senators
d) Equal to the number of Representatives minus the number of Senators

The Republicans and Democrats sometimes monitor the actions of people in office to
a) stay busy when they are not campaigning.
b) explain issues to the President.
c) act as watchdog and inform the public of the actions of those in office.
d) try to vote the same way as members of the other party.

To become President...
a) a candidate needs to win the popular vote
b) a candidate needs to win 2/3rds of the Electoral College
c) a candidate needs to win all of the Electoral College votes
d) a candidate needs to win at least 270 Electoral College votes

Which of the following statements is true about PACs?
a) They are an important source of funding for campaigns.
b) They handle all of the communications for a candidate.
c) They organize the candidates calendar
d) They are not important in elections.

The requirements for a majority vote in order to win in the Electoral College favors a
a) one-party system.
b) two-party system.
c) three-party system.
d) multi-party system

Which type of election has a greater voter turnout?
a) Presidential
b) Congressional
c) Local
d) State

Which of the following is NOT a qualification to vote?
a) 18 years old
b) U.S. Citizen
c) Resident of the state
d) Pass a test proving you can read and write in English

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