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Gives clues that suggest what might happen in the future
a) flashback
b) irony
c) foreshadowing
d) tone

A strong prejudice for one side over another, favoring one side
a) propaganda
b) bias
c) tone
d) mood

The use of one thing to stand for or represent another
a) oxymoron
b) symbolism
c) inference
d) simile

The sequence of events in a story
a) conflict
b) exposition
c) theme
d) plot

Words, phrases, or sentences that give meaning to unknown words
a) definitions
b) phrases
c) context clues
d) texts

Another name for nonfiction writing
a) informational text
b) graphs
c) chart
d) biography

A piece of writing that is to be performed by actors
a) drama
b) poetry
c) biography
d) short story

The main problem the character faces in a story
a) issue
b) conflict
c) them
d) rising action

The emotions associated with a word, could be positive or negative
a) meaning
b) denotation
c) expression
d) connotation

The dictionary definition of a word
a) meaning
b) connotation
c) denotation
d) mood

A type of literature that tells about real-life people, places, events, etc..
a) drama
b) fiction
c) nonfiction
d) poetry

A type of literature that tells a made-up story
a) fiction
b) poetry
c) nonfiction
d) drama

A classification of literature such as fiction, nonfiction, drama, poetry, etc
a) topic
b) theme
c) genre
d) type

A general statement about what the author wants you to learn about life
a) character
b) topic
c) summary
d) theme

Gives the main idea and important details of a passage
a) summary
b) plot
c) theme
d) topic

What a piece of informational writing is mostly about?
a) theme
b) central idea
c) point of view
d) summary

The author's attitude towards a subject
a) tone
b) mood
c) feelings
d) bias

The feeling a reader gets from the story
a) expression
b) mood
c) tone
d) conflict

A reference to a well-known work of literature, art, music, etc...
a) theme
b) simile
c) oxymoron
d) allusion

Persuasion technics
a) propaganda
b) judgement
c) ononmatopoeia
d) bias

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