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Adaptations And Variations Review.[print questions]

Why do birds have hollow bones?
a) helps them walk
b) provide balance
c) extra storage for food
d) to give them structure and the ability to fly

How do gills help fish survive?
a) release carbon dioxide into the air
b) get oxygen out of the water
c) help them breathe above ground
d) get oxygen out of the air

Why would a farmer selectively breed his tomatoes?
a) make them grow slower
b) he would not want to do this
c) to make them smaller
d) make them taste better

An adaptation is ...
a) organism that look different
b) change for survival
c) internal only
d) external only

A variation is ...
a) changes for survival
b) internal only
c) differences between organisms of the same species
d) external only

used for identification or organisms
a) dichotomous keys
b) taxonomy
c) stimuli
d) natural selection

Which is not an example of natural selection?
a) the finches of the Galapagos Islands
b) mice changing fur color to camouflage themselves
c) Survival of the fittest
d) migration and hibernation

Selective breeding is ...
a) when humans breed for a favorable trait
b) survival of the fittest
c) asexual reproduction
d) regeneration

Which is not an example of variations in organisms?
a) hibernation
b) the different species of finches having different songs for mates
c) natural selection
d) diverse beaks and legs in birds

Which is an example of an internal structure adaptation?
a) birds having different beaks
b) hollow bones in birds
c) mice having different fur color
d) birds have different feet

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