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Which planet's satelites are named after Shakespearean characters?
a) Pluto
b) Neptune
c) Uranus
d) Saturn

How many times does suicide figure in his plays?
a) 25
b) 13
c) 3
d) 101

Which of these is NOT an ingredient in the Witches' Brew in Macbeth?
a) Toe of Frog
b) Adder's Fork
c) Eye of Iguana
d) Lizzard's Leg

Ever the trendsetter, some of his earliest plays, including Romeo and Juliet and Henry V, were performed in which hip London enclave?
a) Dalston
b) Notting Hill
c) Shoreditch
d) Hither Green

Shakespeare invented over 1700 words during the course of his writing.l However, which of these did he NOT create?
a) Pedant
b) Hobnob
c) Buzzer
d) Nincompoop

Shakespeare was fond of a turn of phrase. But which of these did he NOT invent?
a) It's all Greek to me
b) One fell swoop
c) Better the devil you know
d) Break the ice

What is Shakespeare's shortest play?
a) Macbeth
b) The Taming of the Shrew
c) Troilus and Cressida
d) Comedy of Errors

Which two Shakespearean plays have been translated into Klingon?
a) Hamlet and Much Ado About Nothing
b) The Tempest and Twelfth Night
c) King Lear and Henry V
d) Titus Andronicus and Othello

How did the Globe Theatre burn down in 1613?
a) A cannon shot set fire to the wooden beams during a performance of Henry VIII.
b) A rival playwright set fire to it in a fit of jealousy.
c) An inveterate cannabis user, Shakespeare fell asleep while smoking a pipe, thus accidentally setting fire to the theatre.
d) A business associate set fire to it to claim the insurance.

Known as England's gresatest playwright, Shakespeare fittingly died on wihch date?
a) October 25 - the same date as the Battle of Agincourt
b) July 30 - the date England won the World Cup
c) April 23 - St.George's Day
d) October 14 - date of the Battle of Hastings

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