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What law states that mass cannot be created or destroyed by physical or chemical change?
a) Law of conservation of energy
b) Law of conservation of mass
c) Law of conservation of charge
d) Law of equal rights

Redox reactions are driven by the loss and gain of
a) Protons
b) Neutrons
c) Electrons
d) Mass

In a redox reaction the more electronegative element gains the electron, resulting in a decrease in oxidation number. This process in called
a) Reduction
b) Massation
c) Oxidation
d) Remuneration

In a redox reaction the less electronegative element loses the electron, resulting in an increase in oxidation number. This process is called
a) Reduction
b) Permutation
c) Radioactive decay
d) Oxidation

In what type of redox reaction do two elements combine to form a compound?
a) Synthesis
b) Single replacement
c) Decomposition
d) Double Replacement

In what type of redox reaction does a compound decompose into its original elements?
a) Synthesis
b) Decomposition
c) Single replacement
d) Double Replacement

In what type of redox reaction would there be one element and one compound on each side of the equation?
a) Decomposition
b) Double Replacement
c) Single replacement
d) Synthesis

What is the name of the ion in a single replacement redox reaction that does not change its oxidation state?
a) Stopped ion
b) Spectator ion
c) Reducing Agent
d) Oxidizing Agent

In a double replacement reaction, the insoluble ions form a
a) Ternary hydrocarbon
b) Solubility
c) Precipitate
d) Conglomerate

What is your teacher's favorite food?
a) tacos
b) oatmeal
c) tofu
d) curd cheese

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