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A pair of keywords that allows for a multiple-way selection are:
a) Switch-Case
b) If-Else
c) Do-While
d) For

Each case in a switch should end with what keyword?
a) Break
b) Continue
c) Switch
d) Case

Which of the following is NOT a loop keyword?
a) Method
b) For
c) Do
d) While

Which of these following is defined as placing loops inside of loops?
a) Nesting
b) Loopception
c) Method
d) Class

A loop that never ends is called a(n):
a) infinite loop
b) terminal loop
c) incremental loop
d) initial loop

Which of the following is correct?
a) for(int x = 0; x (less than) size; x++)
b) for(int x = 0; x++; x (less than) size)
c) for(x (less than) size; int x = 0; x++)
d) for(x++; int x = 0; x (less than) size)

Which of the following will loop 7 times when x = 1?
a) for(x = 1; x (less than) 8; x++)
b) for(x = 1; x (less than) 7; x++)
c) for(x = 1; x (less than)= 6; x++)
d) for(x = 1; x (less than)= 8; x++)

a) Allow a block of code to be executed anywhere in a program
b) Allow a block of code to be executed multiple times in a row
c) Allow a block of code to be skipped if a condition isn't met
d) Allow a block of code to change depending on a variable's value

A value that a method asks for when it is being called is:
a) A parameter
b) A variable
c) An object
d) A class

Any method which has a return type that is not void must use:
a) The return keyword
b) The method keyword
c) The parameter keyword
d) The switch keyword

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