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What term indicates the total number of atoms of each element needed to form a molecule?
a) Empirical formula
b) Molecular formula
c) Ionic formula
d) Hydrogen bonding

What term describes the simplest whole-number mole ratio of the elements in an ionic compound?
a) Molecular formula
b) Empirical formula
c) Hydrogen bonding
d) Ionic formula

An ion that is made from two or more atoms and can be found on Reference Table E is known as a
a) Rutherford ion
b) Polyatomic ion
c) Anion
d) Cation

If a metal has more than one possible oxidation state, how do you represent its oxidation state when writing the name of a compound?
a) Use that number as the subscript of the metal
b) Use Polyatomic Ions table E
c) Using that many nonmetals
d) Record the oxidation state after the name of the metal using Roman numerals

KCl is known by what common name?
a) Krypton chlorine
b) Krypton calhydrate
c) Potassium chloride
d) Potassium chlorine

CH4 (methane) N2 and O2 are all
a) Polar
b) Ionic
c) Nonpolar
d) Metallic

Elements that have what three compounds have the highest levels of hydrogen bonding between molecules?
a) N, O, and F
b) H, O, and Na
c) Na, Pd, and H
d) S, Zn, and Au

Polar molecules have an END higher than
a) 0.4
b) 0.8
c) 1.7
d) 4.0

Water (H2O) and Hydrogen sulfide (H2S) are both
a) Nonpolar
b) Ionic
c) Polar
d) Metallic

Adding the mass of each of the elements in compound allows you to calculate the
a) Gram formula mass
b) Ionic weight
c) Molecular formula
d) Ionic properties

The proportion by mass of elements in a compound is known as
a) Mass ratio
b) Gram:gram molarity
c) Percent composition
d) Ionic weight

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